Joe Sabol Farm specializes in open-pollinated, heirloom vine crops, pumpkins, squash, melons, and vegetables, all grown in a sustainable manner, with local resources and without synthetic herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer. Our pumpkins are unique jewels of red, green, brown, orange, and yellow!

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For 2021, we feature butternut squash and a few volunteer surprises. Retail and wholesale. Contact us for prices, hours, and directions. We can ship pumpkins, too!


Ornamental and edible heirloom pumpkin from Australia, the light gray-green shell conceals a sweet, deep golden, dense flesh.

Jarradale (Australian, sage green)

Jarradale pumpkin

Guatemalan blue banana squash

Guatemalan blue banana squash

Guatemalan blue banana squash

Vin Rouge D' Etampes pumpkin

Ornamental and edible heirloom pumpkin from France. Mature fruits have a deep orange-red skin, slightly ribbed and flat, and resembling Cinderella’s carriage.

Vin Rouge d’Etampes (French, dark red)

heirloom pumpkins

Vin Rouge D' Etampes pumpkin

Sweet Sugar Pie pumpkin

3-5 lb at maturity

Sweet Sugar Pie (pie)

Sweet Sugar Pie pumpkin

Fairytale, Musquee de Provence

Mocha brown skin, heavily ribbed/scalloped shape, they grow as dark green, but sunlight, even after picking, will slowly develop the color into a beautiful brownish-orange, buckskin, mocha color at maturity.

heirloom pumpkins

Fairytale pumpkin

Contact us for prices, hours, and directions.

Joe Sabol Farm grows a variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers and specializes in open-pollinated heirloom vine crops: pumpkins and melons. All Sabol Family Farm crops are grown with local organic fertilizer and without pesticides or herbicides. We sell retail and wholesale - contact us for prices.

Heirloom pumpkins, cucurbita pepo, were originally cultivated in France and Italy and are rapidly gaining popularity with American gardeners and cooks. No other pumpkins are quite like these jewels of orange, red, brown, green, and yellow! They look like Cinderella's carriage. Each brings a unique flair to your Fall decor and cooking and baking. After displaying in a prominent place, the thick, sweet flesh is ready for outstanding pies, soups, or breads. You will have the most unusual Halloween jack-o-lantern in your neighborhood and then the best pumpkin dish on Thanksgiving! Cinderella refers to a flatter "jelly doughnut" shape [aspect ratio], as opposed to the more common "spherical" shaped Connecticut field pumpkin.

Pumpkins are a versatile autumn food: cubed and sauteed, remaining firm, braised in a meat dish to absorb juices, mashed and chunky, and pureed to a sauce. Pumpkins are both sweet and savory, fruit and vegetable, welcoming cinnamon and sugar or salt and herbs.

Joe Sabol Farm grows open pollinated heirloom pumpkins range in size from 10 to 50 lbs. and will keep for months if properly cared for: wash away all dirt with soapy water, wash with dilute bleach or vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide, which forms peracetic acid (to kill the soil bacteria) and, like any perishable vegetable, store in a cool and dry environment.

Contact us by e-mail joe at sabolfarm dot com for more information. We can deliver or ship if you are out of the area, or you may buy at the farm; contact us for directions and to arrange a time.

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